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2013, Cert 15, 100 mins

Under the looming shadow of World War One, a group of free-spirited artists known as the Lamorna Group settled in west Cornwall.

They included Alfred ‘A. J.’ Munnings, an unpleasant, brash and volatile man who painted horses, became president of the Royal Academy and thought he was better than Stubbs. Based on Jonathan Smith’s novel and actual events, director Menaul’s film focuses on the fateful love triangle between Munnings, the wealthy bohemian Florence Carter-Wood, and the Lamorna Estate’s land agent, Gilbert Evans. The affair unsettled the laissez-faire dynamic of the artists’ colony, and this captures both their passions and the social mores of the time. With performances from Dominic Cooper, Emily Browning and Downton’s Dan Stevens as the tormented lovers, the Cornish locations shine, evocatively shot using many of the original locations at Heligan and Helford.
So if you think Dominic Cooper should have stopped at The History Boys, then come for Cornwall, it at least, will soothe your soul.