January 11, 2014 - 2:00 pm

2013, Cert U, 91 mins

Owen Wilson voices Reggie, a turkey, who like all the other turkeys, is heading for the chop, only to be miraculously saved by the president himself.

The prez has chosen him as the traditional ‘pardoned turkey’ and so living with America’s First Family, Reggie finds out about top-secret military plans to develop a time machine. He sneaks into this hi-tech craft, on a personal mission to head back to Plymouth Colony 1621, and change the turkey-eating tradition so he and his kind can be spared. Now, given what we know about what continues to be the Thanksgiving food of choice in America, how can the film arrive at a happy ending?

“It’s troublesome to know that anyone who’s seen Chicken Run will wonder why they’re not enjoying a well-constructed Aardman animation rather than attempting to make sense of this incoherent transatlantic trifle” (Mark Kermode)

“The target audience may be the kids who’ll stare goggle-eyed at any low-rent pixar knockoff, but the purported humour and reliance on nonsensical plot twists are pure stoner. to call this a turkey would be and insult to poultry” (Time Out)


Why do grown-up crits get so animated about kids cartoons? Take no notice, it’s a January Saturday afternoon, and it is only a “trifle”. See what the “goggle-eyed” kids think.