May 8, 2013 - 7:30 pm SOLD OUT

2013, Cert 15, 102 mins

At the height of The Troubles in 1978, Terri Hooley opened Good Vibrations; a record shop in a derelict building on Great Victoria Street; the most bombed half-mile in Europe.

Despite losing an eye in a childhood scrap for being the son of a socialist mayoral candidate, Hooley – now a club DJ – is a believer in the redemptive power of popular music.

Guided by his shop’s adolescent customers, he is introduced to Belfast’s burgeoning punk scene. Hooley is genuinely excited by the new sound and after seeing bands Rudi and The Outcasts perform, not only does he want to start his own indie record label but he offers them the chance to record.

His most important discovery comes from Derry in the form of The Undertones and he offers them the chance to record Teenage Kicks.

“It’s inspiring stuff, showing the community-building power of music in an environment of fear and ever-present violence” (The List)

“It’s this simmering sense of dread and conflict which gives ‘Good Vibrations’ its edge, and allows its many moments of uplift to shine that much brighter” (Time Out)

“When it comes to Punk… New York has the haircuts, London has the trousers but Belfast has the reason”.

Review by Anna Shepherd