Run time: 100 mins

Man meets CGI dog in wholesome adventure film

Adapting Jack London’s 1903 literary classic, The Call of the Wild follows the life of Buck, a domesticated St. Bernard/Scotch Collie dog. Stolen from his comfortable Californian home and sold to freight haulers in Yukon, Canada, Buck’s life is turned upside down. Driven by a new demand for dogs to pull sleds during the 1890s Gold Rush, after men discover gold in the region, Buck is forced to join a mail delivery dog sled team. After a series of hardships, the canine comes across John Thornton (Harrison Ford), who becomes his new master. Both trying to find their place in the world among the frozen Alaskan Klondike, Harrison Ford stated that his character “has an opportunity to gain humanity in Buck’s eyes because of their close relationship. And he gets the courage from Buck to face parts of his life that he didn’t have the courage to face prior to this relationship.” Exploring the deep bond that a dog can have with man and their fight for survival in dangerous terrain, this is a heartfelt adaptation of London’s timeless novel. (research Rachel Williams) A sell-out on every Rex return. Send your dog to tell six others only, from every (distant) street.