Run time: 113 mins

After more than a decade of Hollywood hits (and misses) – culminating in Aladdin, of all things – Guy Ritchie is back on home turf with this unapologetically, nonPC (poseur Guy – never!) gangster yarn.

Brace yourself for a swank-fest. American Mickey (Matthew McConaughey) is ready for early retirement. A languid self-made crim, he has lots of connected friends, a trophy wife, Rosalind (Michelle Dockery) and a marijuana empire to sell to the highest bidder. Nerdy, greedy, penny-pinching millionaire Matthew (Jeremy Strong) is interested in getting his hands on all that weed. So is Dry Eye (Henry Golding) a footsoldier in a Chinese syndicate who has no respect for his elders and less for Mickey.

Yet, in true Ritchie style, this is complicated by a story we are told through the eyes of scuzzy private investigator Fletcher (Hugh Grant, sounding like Jonathan Ross) who is relaying the plot to Mickey’s right-hand-man, Ray (Charlie Hunnam) for blackmail. If you can just about follow the needlessly convoluted narrative and stomach the usual suspect of unpleasant humour, you can almost say Ritchie has made a welcome return. (research Jack Whiting) Welcome? This depends on which side of Guy’s, nice-public school-boy-but-wannabe-a-realife-horny-gangster, you lads like to dress…