Disabled Access

Access is from the High Street. There is a gate to the right of the white apartment block (The Gatsby stands far left). The gate is opened 45 minutes before the start time of the film, but if you find it locked please call our admin line: 01442 877999.

Anyone downstairs at tables can leave by this same flat exit to the high street. Near the gates on the low white wall (left) there is a square steel hood at waist height. Press the button in the middle of the square hood and the gate will open automatically.

Induction Loop

The Rex is equipped with an induction loop in the circle (upstairs seating area) for the hard of hearing. If you have a hearing aid please switch it to position “T” and it will automatically pick up the amplified sound when the movie starts. It works everywhere in the circle but is clearer towards the edges of the circle.