James Hannaway- 2nd April 2020

What a pickle – and on the edge of what feels like a glorious long awaited bright new Spring.

The Rex is buggered for as long as this pox takes, along with everywhere else where we like to gather and shop, we queue in silence, and give strangers – and friends a wide berth. The High Street is deserted during new spring days when it should be bustling with life in the lovely cold blue skies of this late March (now into April).

Instead, the sight of our beloved jumble of a busy cross roads is more demoralising than the emptiness made to frighten us in ’28 Days Later’.
The only low high light is the sight of orderly queues. On first seeing one outside Boots, I laughed, like we do at funerals sometimes.

It looked like any minute everyone might shuffle into that fabulous slow dance moment from the dole queue scene in ‘The Full Monty’. Or suddenly turn all together and break into a full Village People routine of YMCA…!

Those fantasy moments aside, it looks a whole lot more serious than at least I first thought. And we’re stuck with it for as long as it takes.

However, with the now useful qualities of social-media we can bring you irregular collections of old Rex footage, a regular selection of archive reviews and the best-of Rants & Pants across our first 16 years.

So please, in moments of despair, keep an eye out for these on our website and Facebook etc. Note: April’s programme will neither be wasted or forgotten.

For now, keep up the Fully Monty routine and look up, breathe in the new sky.
James H x

Rush hour Lower Kings Rd – Mon 30 March 2020 5.30pm

The Castle closed on Sunday

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