Taken from passing observations in everyday life. Please send yours. Witty, silly, poignant, clever, overheard etc.


Labyrinth of life… Feb 2017

Caught in the kitchen on some clever Radio 4 comedy 6.30pm slot:

They were talking about the notion of a Labyrinth as a metaphor for Life.

With all it’s twists and turns, dead ends, and goings-back when we swore we never would etc, one wag concluded (roughly recounted) “So Life is nothing more than the waste of a pleasant afternoon…”

Followed by: “When he read of the terrible consequences of smoking, he gave up reading.”

If you feel like, send anything you see or hear, not all from the radio, real life will do.


Winter on the Grand Union in different moods, daylight and darknight, within days of each other. Beauty yes, but here’s to the new light of Spring.


Ridiculous tranquillity from the footbridge to the station. Early January 2017


Frozen over night and day mid January 2017