Rants and sumo wrestling pants

A selection of your comments from the book in the foyer.



Now this is what I call a cinema, don’t ever change! Excellent.

LORO – A pile of shite in a puddle of pish.

Can you please make the seats more comfortable and spinny.

James, I love your rants – about HS2, your avoidance of greedy money, your refusal to put up your prices, just your attitude in general. You are radical and you speak your mind and most importantly I agree with you… Thank you, we get what we deserve and deserve what we get.

Fed up with the old bald guy telling his paying customers his opinions of films that we want to be allowed to enjoy.
Get a life you bore.

If it weren’t for the “old bald guy” this cinema wouldn’t exist you ignorant moron.

What a beautiful Cinema!

We absolutely loved the owner chap! Funny and charming. Wonderful evening.

The Box office is the nicest office I have ever seen. Thanks!

James, so good to see the Rex & the great work you have done here (I seem to remember kissing a good number of the towns young girls here in my youth!) Thanks for being such a good mentor and friend in those days and keeping me on the straight and narrow (well wide, wild and wonderful). Mark

James, change the record about the council, you are boring!

What is your problem with the local council? You attack people who give up their free time to serve the local community.
After all don’t you live in a council flat…

All the way from Portugal to watch a film in this beautiful cinema!

Fabulous way to view a film, such a beautiful venue!

The Rex will always be my happy place.