No country for an empty lump with no cars

“You can’t stop whats comin’ – they ain’t all waitn’ on you… All the time you spend trying to get back what’s been took from you – more of it is goin’ out the door…” (No Country For Old Men 2008)
I promised to give the car lump a rest. Well, “now that you’ve had your drink..”
This ugly concrete sky thief, like a fat man eating, will grow fatter and uglier and very soon.
































Trees, lines and sky in harmony. That-was-then (in the words of the December turkey)

1.2.&3… This-is-now sucker – so: “argo…. We at DBC provide your car-lump and you will have no more silly sky or even free parking after 6pm to enjoy ever again – ha hah aha…”


3…Where’s the Tate Modern when you need it – come and get it.


Irony parked in their own temporarily permanent out-of-order imagination. ‘until further notice’…! How – do they wake let alone sleep – and why bother with eyes wide shut and a pillow over their face.