Kathy Lette at The Rex

The fabulous Kathy Lette came to The Rex in July. We know she’s a renowned author, known for her wit and telling it straight, but her night at The Rex showed us she was much more.

It was a truly remarkable evening, and a total surprise. It was organised by the Sunnyside Rural Trust and the first literary event at the Rex. So we didn’t know what would happen or how the evening would pan out. Luckily improvisation is our best hand, and with Kathy’s cool head it was all we needed.

The evening was hosted by Sunnyside patron and Writer in Residence, Emma Claire Sweeney.
It was a hoot indeed. Joining them on stage were two Sunnyside Trust guys Roxanne (Roxy) Simmons and Mark Kissane (pictured on the balcony with Emma and Kathy).

So the whole impro kicked in with Kathy answering the audience and telling lots of scandalous tales, tempered by some perfectly timed poignant moments, while all the time keeping seamlessly easy control of the whole place.
A fantastic display of presence of – mind, of stage and auditorium. A true masterclass in how to hold 300 people and the stage in the palm of your hand, with no idea of what might come next.

An unforgettable gig, high up in most memorable nights at the Rex. The movie of Kathy’s bestseller: The Boy Who Fell To Earth will be here upon release at the Rex and Odyssey early-ish next year.