On heat…

During the June to August heatwave, our strident effort to keep the auditorium cool-ish, prompted one of the best observations yet. It almost equals “I told him my chair was facing away from the screen, then he just walked off”. It was more a comment derived from an attempt at complaint, but as I don’t listen to many complaints it is better viewed as an observation.

Following a matinee screening of The Bookshop in the heat of the day, with the fresh air extraction system manfully challenging the temperature, the box office reported this gentlewoman’s ‘observation’.

“My word, it was so warm, I had to take my necklace off…”

This whole summer, our healthy fresh air system continues blowing and sucking like Desperate Dan. It blows in from above the screen and is sucked out above the back row upstairs, thus guaranteeing good fresh air circulation throughout (albeit ambient fresh air) thus providing an alternative level of comfort. Left to humans in charge of (any) buttons, with vastly differing body mass and heat tolerances, and unreliable opinions, air conditioning cannot be trusted. It is impossible and its comfort level intolerable. It always seems set at ice-cold in any enclosed public/office space, so taking no intelligent regard of the outside temperature, rendering summer frocks and linen shirts inadequate. On its plus side however, you can leave that necklace on.


Two Sundays a week apart…

 High St Aug 5th 9.30am

 First rain High St Aug 12th 8pm



Trip Advisor… I tripped here, and I can walk in a straight-ish line. Others’ faces might go the whole tarmac distance under rushing wheels. But it’s okay they’ll spray it yellow soon (incl your squished face). Months later a hapless gang will close the road for a week or so to mend it.
“It’s life Jim, but not as we know it…”