No More Takeaways..

We’ve had pizzas, macs, sushi, baked potatoes and roll mop herring, not to mention those who brought their AGA complete with servants. It is a night at the Pictures. No, two hours-ish at the Pictures. We have seats like couches but they’re not for potatoes.
We make you feel at home but you’re not at home. You’re out. So be out.

Unlike the Theatre, going to the Pictures has engendered, even encourages audiences to eat and drink. Please do, but with our fab selection. We carefully plan the best snacks to suit you at the movies and us, by designing the least noisy and least messy snacks and sweets for you to enjoy and us to clear up. We will always (not quite) cheerfully clear our mess left by you, but we have now lost patience clearing up the mess you bring in.

It is recreational snacking, not supper.

We know you come straight from the train sometimes and are hungry, but we’re not your Mum and you won’t waste away in two hours. Eat on the run if you must.

The branded stuff… Your Costas, Waitrose, Starbucks paper cups with lids. What’s that all about…? Why is everybody suddenly walking along pavements with these cups of coffee? Are they the new dummy, if so we can provide them for you. We can even see the practicality of getting to your seats easier in the dark than with a cup and saucer. So we will do it.

We are told our coffee is the best in town, and cheaper, except for Waitrose. You can’t get cheaper than ‘free’.

So here’s the deal: you bring nothing in. We will provide the best to suit you and this, yours and our, fabulous cinema. That’s it.

James Hannaway