Raise a glass to all the ‘trees hills and streams’ they can’t destroy.

How quickly they move to close things down, rip things up or tear them down to satisfy their frailty for ‘the greater good’.
How fast the invisible Town-Planning Authorities move on things nobody real, seems to want. Multi story carparks in small towns are foolish, expensive (forever!) and totally unimaginative eyesores. The upheaval caused to satisfy parking merely adds to the misery. Considering, creatively, how to lessen the demand for car space, presents a difficult puzzle. Whereas, it causes much less brain damage to pander to the perceived future demand (bad guessing) by increasing the supply, albeit a reaction rather than a re-think. It is driven by limited knowledge, minimal research and an easy way out.
Enter: the wrong destructive solution in the wrong place. To accommodate this unimaginative and plain-wrong four storey lump, they are destroying, and so fast, one of the few beautiful green spaces left in the town centre.
This is the Moor opposite the station, unspoiled in the late summer, then not anymore, this morning (17th Dec). It is to be as a temporary carpark while the lump is going up around the corner. Hateful and too late to stop. Not unlike many decisions made on our behalf by individuals/committees happier to find different reasons to act upon their own?
All in blustering confidence for the ‘greater-good’ of course – sadly, dimly lit by collective, frail imagination. A typically happy start to any brave new year, with this one 2019, set to become much braver by the time it’s over.

Volumes… a huge low key performance, left to be seen or not noticed at all.


Preparing an ice-rink?
Slip sliding: yes but no skating.


Only bikes/skateboards will get round this corner. Double barrelled tanks? oops.


Beautiful September days 2018.
All good ‘things/grass’ come to an end.
Why do we enjoy reciting that ancient pox’t shrug?