“Some things hurt more, much more than Cars and Girls” (1988 Prefab Sprout). No they don’t.

Always too late. Why didn’t they imagine trying it first? Close the carpark for a week or two before building the lump, but with no alternative, to see how we got on. Here’s how we would have got on. We would have adapted. Pictures show the ‘temporary’ cark defecating on the Moor at 3:30pm on an ordinary busy January work/school day. It’s empty-ish. As is this: once leafy, now hoarded up, car park, always bustling (but not bursting or in need of 3 or 4 storeys). So too across the busiest Christmas shopping weeks of any year. So now with both empty, where have all the usual cars gone? We adapted.











 Guantanamo renditioned… (2nd January 2019)







and by Tuesday 8th…
It’s always reassuring to see them move so fast to build the unnecessary things nobody wants.





The Eyes (don’t seem to) Have It…

This is real: a biscuit box spilling over with years of lost glasses found inside the Rex!!

That’s at least two rows of blind people watching any given film.

But it’s okay, we’re sending them all back to Hemel’s Town Planning dept, where they belong..