trees boats grass play… now cars

This necessary evil we drive around in has caused it’s own sweaty nightmare – how do we stop to get out and walk? Like all planning for overcrowding, centrally and local, the only way they can go is – up. City centres across the world have built huge towers, many stunning and breathtaking in design. Not so urban tower blocks and concrete multi-story carpark lumps where, upon opening, ‘the mayor takes an inaugural pee in the stairwell’ (old radio gag).

There are too many cars. Not people. Cars!
(I have one now and the Rex, a van – so hands up). More cars it seems than there are people to drive them? So as a consequence of building this pox’d lump on the current open air car park, they need a temporary one. Enter the invasion of the Moor snatchers. This tranquil tree-lined moor opens up alongside the canal opposite the station. Crumpled plans are posted by a 7 year old on lamposts and nearby trees – medieval anyone? Heard of this new fangled www.Face/Trump? Worst of all is the word ‘temporary’!

  1. How, when, (why) would they grow the grass back after laying heavy-traffic tarmac etc?
  2. They won’t.