Trrific Traffic

The age old dilemma of leaving people alone to find their own way is still to be fathomed. There has always been too many of us to allow such a thing without order.
Satnav has buggered things rather in this dept, somewhat more than anticipated when Tom-Tom first drummed only a year or so ago…?
People (read ‘drivers’) use satnav to find the underpants they’re wearing. They now drive, without looking at road signs, or even the road! They believe satnav will get them there, here and home again, when all along, after the second corner, they don’t know where they’ve come from, what landmarks they’re passing, (to find the way back) where they’ve been, where they’re going, and when they get there they don’t know where they are! Try a map and plan your route, idle children.
How did we let things get this far? We can now rely on devices to tell us how many steps a day we should take. Go too far and you’ll need satnav to get you home. If that fails, that’s when you’ll need Captain Underpants.
Then, on Friday 30th June the main High Street traffic lights were switched off. Miracle of miracles, there was no congestion even at 5.55 on that busy Friday afternoon (see empty road pic, honestly taken at that time). The traffic ran freely, drivers approached slowly then bobbed and weaved politely around each other, it was like a fabulous free form dance, where everybody spontaneously knew the steps and nobody dented each others doors (please, feel free to leave all that to my van in pox’t car parks). A fabulous display of old fashioned good natured satnav free, ‘stopping, looking and (perhaps not so much) listening’.
But “I’m walking here…” we, us people (walking no longer drivers – same people!!) couldn’t cross any of the four roads.
Damn us all, we’re alright until we cease being people as soon we slam (sorry, now, slo-mo dressage) our car doors. Enough. Buy a map and leave my van alone.