Without those maverick barbers…?

“Without whom…”always spouted at awards in gushing lists of evaporating names, here are a couple of unforgettable names – Ian and Brian – the maverick barbers who rescued the Rex. Under Scizzors these boys held out, the last shop on the block to stick to its council lease. With some years to run when the old Rex closed in 1988, they held on, and so too, became custodians of the keys to the Rex’s iron chastity door to let in the usual suspect developer/demolition suitors. Some used fire and water to board them, but inferno and floods failed to uncool Brian and Ian. Remember those names. Without them hanging on against real and dangerous odds, there would be no Rex at all!! “Without Whom…” indeed. More of these mavericks in their own chapter. For now, thanks Ian and Brian… ‘you’ll do’. ps… why this biblical plague of new High St barbers? More head than neck I guess…

 Summer 2003. Brian and Ian outside their new home across the road.

 May 1995/6? The whole derelict block, with only scizzors holding guard. What balls.

 June 2018. In bright colour, still still the best cut in town.