Run time: 122 mins

Italian filmmaker Matteo Garrone’s profound exploration of the immigrant journey.

In Dakar, Senegal, Seydou and his cousin Moussa dream of escaping to Europe to pursue their musical aspirations. Their journey unfolds through a perilous odyssey spanning Mali, Niger and the treacherous expanse of the Sahara desert. Along the way, they face a series of brutal challenges and obstacles, from opportunists to bandits and militias, all exploiting and mistreating them. Beaten and battered but never discouraged, the duo maintain an unwavering grip on hope, finding solace in fleeting acts of kindness amid the harshness.

Led by stellar performances from namesakes Seydou Sarr and Moustapha Fall, Io Capitano thrives on the authenticity of their emotional journey. Both portrayals are incredibly compelling, effectively drawing you into the heart of their experience. Assisted by stunning cinematography and a poignant score, Garrone skilfully captures the intricate cultural tapestry of Africa, emphasising a sense of solidarity among the characters and grounding the story in realism.

A poignant reminder of the enduring quest for hope and belonging amidst adversity, the film transcends mere politics, illuminating the universal human experience of migration and the pursuit of a better life