Run time: 94 mins

Benoit Delhomme underscores sunshiny sheen with churning suspense in this frothy dramatic thriller.

In upscale 1960 suburbia, Alice (Jessica Chastain) lives next door to Celine (Anne Hathaway). Their bond runs deep, mirrored by the close friendship between their husbands and their 7-year-old sons. However, when tragedy befalls one family, seeds of doubt begin to germinate within both Alice and Celine. Kindnesses are scrutinised, motivations are questioned, and personal histories are weaponised. Amidst this turmoil, their husbands remain oblivious. Yet, with another death casting a dark shadow, the once subtle anxieties escalate into urgent fears.

It’s a steadily entertaining chiller worth watching for its leads alone. The film’s less-is-more approach creates genuinely creepy moments, providing ample room for scene-stealing expertise from both Chastain and Hathaway. Their ability to evoke sympathy and suspicion simultaneously adds depth to their characters, who surprise themselves with the lengths they’re willing to go to protect their lives as their inseparable bond begins to unravel.

With all of its twists and turns, it still manages to get under the skin, not least during a truly unnerving final act that gets very dark indeed.