Run time: 102 mins

An unconventional friendship blossoms in this charmingly quirky animated feature.

In the animal-inhabited streets of 1980s New York, Dog leads a solitary life yearning for companionship. His wish comes true when he discovers an advertisement on a home-shopping network for a build-your-own robot companion. Quickly forming an unbreakable bond, Dog and Robot explore the vibrant city together, culminating in a blissful day at Ocean Beach. However, Robot’s inability to withstand water leaves him stranded when the beach closes for the season, forcing Dog to leave him behind. As months pass, Robot dreams of reuniting with Dog while his loyal friend anxiously awaits his return.

The film is packed with delightful and witty visual details, every element pointing to the story’s central themes about companionship and connection. These may be simple line drawings, but they burst with feelings that create characters who are strongly engaging. Without a single word of spoken dialogue, they reveal complex textures, revealing thoughts and feelings that are easy to identify with for anyone who has ever felt lonely or loved.

A thoroughly grown-up movie that has something important to say to children too and thoroughly deserves to become a cult classic