Run time: 89 mins

A cascade of terrible decisions and shocking revelations are served up in this enjoyably offbeat dark comedy.

As their financial situation becomes desperate, wealthy London couple Sarah and Tom resort to hosting a dinner for their affluent London friends, Beth and Richard in hope of maintaining appearances. The already tense evening takes a dramatic turn when Jessica, a flirtatious author and mutual friend, unexpectedly attends the dinner before excusing herself to commit suicide in the garden. Fearing the repercussions of police involvement on the sale of their home, Sarah proposes an unconventional solution: moving Jessica’s body back to her own flat. But just when they think they’ve reached a resolution, the doorbell rings.

Performances are razor-sharp, perfectly tuned to intensify the already charged atmosphere. As longtime friends, they find their bond stretched to its limits by shared mistakes and startling revelations. Among the central quartet, each actor delivers powerful moments. Shirley Henderson anchors the film as the unstable Sarah, Olivia Williams brings a captivating steeliness to her role while Tudyk and Sewell add intriguing layers as men on the verge of collapse.

Forever teetering between drama and comedy, it’s a deliciously twisted tale.