Run time: 88 mins

Delightful nineties classic of acceptance and embracing one’s true nature.

After being used in a guess the weight contest at a county fair, orphaned piglet Babe is brought home to the farm of the contest winner, Arthur Hoggett. Raised by Farmer Hoggett, Babe’s journey begins when he showcases his knack for herding sheep, earning the admiration of his fellow farm animals and the farmer alike. As Babe navigates his newfound identity, he forms deep bonds with his friends, including the loyal sheepdog Fly and the nurturing ewe Maa. Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, proving that kindness and determination can triumph over prejudice and tradition.

Seamlessly blending live-action with animatronic animals, the film presents an enchanting world filled with charm and authenticity. Even years after its release, the film’s visual effects remain remarkably convincing, and while huge advancements in digital animation have revolutionised filmmaking since its release, the charm and authenticity here have endured. Every detail feels authentic and genuine. In an age where CGI often dominates the cinematic landscape, Babe serves as a refreshing reminder of the power of traditional filmmaking techniques and great storytelling

Tuesday 28th May
02:00 pm