Run time: 109 mins

Blood is on the menu as six hapless victims flee from a child monster in Scream V and VI directors’ fun-house horror.

The film begins with the coordinated kidnapping of 12-year-old ballerina Abigail (Alisha Weir), the daughter of a powerful crime lord guaranteed to fetch a hefty ransom prize. Splitting the obscene loot are the six tasked with snatching Abigail from her home and safeguarding her for 24 hours: ex-cop Frank (Dan Stevens), medic and Abigail caretaker Joey (Melissa Barrera), endearing himbo muscleman Peter (Kevin Durand), spunky hacker Sammy (Kathryn Newton), wheelman Dean (Angus Cloud), and ex-military Rickles (William Catlett).

The group of strangers arrive at their luxury hideout with minimal hiccups, where they’re given the rundown by employer Lambert (Giancarlo Esposito) and forced to give up their phones. Once left to their own devices, it quickly becomes clear that their kidnapping stint comes with job hazards they couldn’t have anticipated. This hazard being that the target is actually a vampire. What follows is pure claret carnage as the little blood-sucker goes on the hunt. It’s funny, wild, fangtastic entertainment.

Friday 24th May
07:30 pm